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IBM Storwize V7000 Implementation Workshop (SSE1G)



This intermediate course is for individuals who assess or plan to deploy the IBM Storwize V7000 and leverage storage network virtualization solutions.


  • Storage Area Networking Fundamentals (SN712) or
  • have equivalent knowledge

You should have

  • a basic understanding of concepts associated with open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations
  • Storage Area Networking Fundamentals (SN71G)


  • Set up and configure the Storwize V7000
  • Install and cable expansion enclosures
  • Create RAID arrays using internal Storwize V7000 storage and manage drive use attributes
  • Define and manage storage pools using internal Storwize V7000 storage as well as SAN attached external storage
  • Update zoning policies to enable the Storwize V7000 to access SAN attached external storage and provision storage to host servers
  • Utilize Storwize V7000 management interfaces to support the networked storage environment, assign storage to servers, migrate data, replicate data across attaching storage systems, and monitor storage access activities
  • Take advantage of storage efficiency solutions including Thin Provisioning, Volume Mirroring, Real-time Compression, and Easy Tier
  • Migrate existing data to the virtualized Storwize V7000 environment
  • Implement point-in-time copies across internal and external storage using FlashCopy GUI presets
  • Utilize Easy Tier to optimize the usage of solid state drives (SSDs)


Day 1


Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Storwize V7000

Unit 2: Enclosures and RAID arrays

Lab exercises:

  • System Initialization via Service Assistant
  • Cluster Create and GUI/CLI Access Setup
  • Physical Storage Access: Internal and External
  • Host Objects and Volumes Creation

Day 2

Unit 3: Fabric zoning, iSCSI, and Clustered Storwize V7000

Unit 4: Thin Provisioning, Volume Mirroring, and Real-time Compression

Lab exercises:

  • Host Storage Access: Fibre Channel Hosts
  • Hybrid Pools and Easy Tier
  • Host Storage Access: iSCSI Hosts
  • Volume Dependencies and Tier Migration

Day 3

Unit 5: Data Migration Facilities

Unit 6: Copy Services: FlashCopy and Remote Copy

Lab exercises:

  • Internal Storage and RAID Options
  • Thin Provisioning and Volume Mirroring
  • Real-time Compression

Day 4

Unit 7: Easy Tier

Unit 8: Managing the IBM Storwize V7000

Lab exercises:

  • Data Migration Import Wizard
  • FlashCopy: Target Access, Incremental, and Consistency Group
  • Easy Tier and STAT Analysis
Classroom Training

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