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SAN Volume Controller (SVC) V7 Planning and Implementation Workshop (SNV1G)



This intermediate course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy storage network virtualization solutions


  • Introduction to Storage Networking (SN700)
  • or have equivalent experience
  • and understand the basic concepts of open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations


  • Create an implementation task list to integrate the SVC solution into the storage network fabric
  • Establish or update zoning policies to enable the SVC to control storage device access and facilitate storage provisioning to host servers
  • Utilize SVC user interfaces to manage the networked storage environment, assign storage to servers, migrate data, replicate data across storage systems, and monitor storage access activities
  • Assess issues related to coexistence between the SVC and native disk storage access across host servers
  • Migrate existing data to the virtualized SVC environment
  • Use interfaces provided by the Subsystem Device Driver (SDD) to monitor and manage SDD multi-path I/O access and path management
  • Implement point-in-time copies across the SVC cluster using FlashCopy GUI presets


Day 1

Introducing the SAN Volume Controller

  • Storage provisioning with the SAN Volume Controller
  • SAN Volume Controller clustering environment

SVC Cluster Setup and Storage Provisioning

  • SVC physical environment and management interfaces
  • Storage systems and LUN assignments to SVC
  • Cluster creation and storage provisioning
  • Additional functions: Quorum disks, expand/shrink volumes, back-end MDisk pathing, SSDs and RAID


  • SVC cluster creation
  • SVC cluster and GUI/CLI access setup
  • Identify back-end storage to the SVC cluster
  • Create storage pools
  • Create host objects and assign volumes

Day 2

Fabric Zoning and iSCSI Connectivity

  • Host to SVC volume access infrastructure
  • Fibre Channel host to SVC SAN fabric zoning
  • iSCSI host to SVC IP Connectivity

Thin Provisioning and Volume Copy

  • Thin provisioned volumes
  • Volume Mirroring


  • Access storage from Windows and AIX
  • Thin provisioning and Volume Mirroring
  • Data access and SDD path selection
  • Access storage from iSCSI host

Day 3

Data Migration

  • Pool Migration
  • Migration Wizards (Import, Migration, Export)
  • MDisk removal
  • Storage system replacement

Copy Services-FlashCopy/Remote Copy

  • FlashCopy
  • Metro/Global Mirroring introduction


  • Pool migration
  • Migration Import Wizard
  • FlashCopy and Consistency Groups

Day 4

Managing the SVC Environment

  • Logging and diagnostics
  • Code upgrades and node replacement
  • SVC configuration backup


  • Expand volume size
  • Change volume I/O Group and SVC scripting
  • Manage user roles
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