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IBM Cognos Planning Analyst: Build Models (V10.1) (P8101G)



This intermediate course is intended for Modelers.


  • Knowledge of your organization's data and structure
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel


  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning Analyst
    • Examine the components of the IBM Cognos Planning solution
    • Discuss libraries, D-Lists, D-Cubes, and D-Links
    • Create libraries
  • Create D-Lists and D-Cubes
    • Manually create D-Lists
    • Import D-List items from external sources
    • Modify D-Lists
    • Build D-Cubes
  • Load Data
    • Determine what can be used as source data
    • Create file maps to assist in loading data
    • Load data from an external source into a D-Cube
    • Load data from one D-Cube to another
  • Enhance D-Lists and D-Cubes
    • Prevent calculations on a D-List item
    • Control user input using a formatted D-List
    • Use Built-in Functions (BiFs) to calculate data
    • Use time averages in a D-List
    • Use weighted averages in a D-List
    • Apply conditional formulas to a D-List
  • Distribute Data
    • Use a D Cube to allocate data
    • Summarize D Cube data with Accumulation D Links
    • Populate a D Cube based on text in the target D Cube using Lookup D Links
  • Create and Distribute an Income Statement
    • Determine the requirements for building and populating an income statement
    • Discuss various methods of depreciation
    • Calculate depreciation using a Built-in Function
    • Export income statement data
  • Forecast Data
    • Examine the Forecast Built-in Function
    • Build a revised rolling forecast
    • Use various methods to forecast data
  • Automate Processes
    • Use D List and D Cube update links to update structure and data
    • Create macros to automate the update process
    • Enhance macros functionality
    • Record a macro to perform repetitive tasks
  • Object Maintenance and Administration
    • Examine IBM Cognos security
    • Add and maintain libraries
    • Apply security to a library or object
    • Add, remove, and modify objects
    • Create copies of objects and libraries
    • Discuss features that affect performance
  • Use Complex Calculations
    • Move values through periods using the FeedParam Built-in Function
    • Round values using TRound Built-in Function
    • Examine Tier calculations
    • Calculate balances based on profiles
  • Examine Advanced Concepts
    • Discuss calculation precedence
    • Restructure D Cubes
    • Transfer data within a D Cube
    • Examine cascading allocations
  • Design for Reporting
    • Explore the tools available for reporting on Planning Analyst data
    • Design a model for reporting purposes
    • Publish objects for external reporting
    • Make published data available for reporting in IBM Cognos
    • Create a report based on Planning Analyst published data
    • Populate a D-Cube using IBM Cognos as a datasource
  • Enhance Functionality Using the IBM Cognos Planning Analyst Add-in for Microsoft Excel
    • Examine the IBM Cognos Planning Analyst Add-in for Microsoft Excel
    • Build views
    • Update views
    • Create and use templates for data entry
    • Format and customize Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
    • Update reports
    • Examine batch printing
  • Illustrate the Model Using IBM Cognos Planning Manager
    • Design reports
    • Create a flowchart
    • Link the flowchart to objects in IBM Cognos Planning Analyst
    • Create tables
  • End-to-End Workshop (Optional)
  • Use IBM Cognos Planning Analyst with IBM Cognos Planning Contributor (Optional)
  • Use IBM Cognos Planning Analyst with IBM Cognos Finance (Optional)
Classroom Training

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