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Advanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop (ES90G)



Operations personnel, tech support staff, and system programmers who are directly involved in the operation, system support, and software support of their Parallel Sysplex environment.


Students should have experience with the HMC and the Parallel Sysplex environment. Students should have attended some previous Sysplex class.

  • z/OS Operating 1 - Grundlagen !IB-ES27D1DE
  • z/OS Operating 2 - Weiterbildung !IB-AI75D1DE
  • Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery !IB-MV90D1DE


  • Use the HMC to identify problems, activate systems, CFs and take appropriate recovery actions as necessary
  • Determine Sysplex status, identify problem source, and resolve problems in the Parallel Sysplex environment
  • Submit jobs to define new CFRM, SFM and LOGGER policies; start new policies; identify and verify policies have started correctly
  • Manage couple data sets to remove or submit jobs to reformat and bring back into the Sysplex for normal operations and failure scenarios
  • Manage CFs, CF structures, and CF links for normal operation and failure conditions
  • Activate new systems and coupling facilities into Sysplex without system outage
Classroom Training

Dauer 5 Tage

Preis (exkl. MwSt.)
  • Schweiz: CHF 4'100.-
Zum Buchen bitte auf den Ortsnamen klicken Kurstermine
28.10. - 01.11.2019 Bern
16.12. - 20.12.2019 Genf

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