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IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations (ES73G)



The audience includes operations personnel and technical staff who are directly involved in the installation, operation, systems support, and software support of their Parallel Sysplex environment.


You should have an understanding of:

  • Basic data processing and I/O concepts and terminology
  • z/OS console operation, including display of device, job, and console status


This course is designed so that students can learn how z/OS systems operate in a Parallel Sysplex environment through discussion topics and hands-on lab exercises. Students learn problem determination skills, practice enhanced sysplex operations, including management of the coupling facility (CF), and use recovery capabilities provided by the System z servers.

The course consists of six units and 12 hands-on lab exercises.

Classroom Training

Dauer 3 Tage

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  • Schweiz: CHF 2'700.-
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