Cloudera DataFlow: Flow Management with Apache NiFi (CDFMAN) – Details

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Introduction to Cloudera Flow Management
  • Overview of Cloudera Flow Management and NiFi
  • The NiFi User Interface
  • Overview of Processors
  • Processor Surface Panel
  • Processor Configuration
  • Overview of Connections
  • Connection Configuration
  • Connector Context Menu
  • Command and Control of a Dataflow
  • Processor Relationships
  • Back Pressure
  • Prioritizers
  • Labels
Process Groups
  • Anatomy of a Process Group
  • Input and Output Ports
FlowFile Provenance
  • Data Provenance Events
  • FlowFile Lineage
  • Replaying a FlowFile
Dataflow Templates
  • Templates Overview
  • Managing Templates
Apache NiFi Registry
  • Apache NiFi Registry Overview
  • Using the Registry
FlowFile Attributes
  • FlowFile Attributes
  • Routing on Attributes
NiFi Expression Language
  • NiFi Expression Language Overview
  • Syntax
  • Expression Language Editor
  • Setting Conditional Values
Dataflow Optimization
  • Dataflow Optimization
  • Control Rate
  • Managing Compute
NiFi Architecture
  • NiFi Architecture Overview
  • Cluster Architecture
  • Heartbeats
  • Managing Clusters
Site-to-Site Dataflows
  • Site-to-Site Theory
  • Site-to-Site Architecture
  • Anatomy of a Remote Process Group
  • Adding and Configuring Remote Process Groups
Cloudera Edge Management and MiNiFi
  • Overview of MiNiFi
  • Example Walk-through
Monitoring and Reporting
  • Monitoring from NiFi
  • Overview of Reporting
  • Examples of Common Reporting Tasks
Controller Services
  • Controller Services Overview
  • Common Controller Services
Integrating NiFi with the Cloudera Ecosystem
  • NiFi Integration Architecture
  • NiFi Ecosystem Processors
  • A Closer Look at NiFi and Apache Hive
  • A Closer Look at NiFi and Apache Kafka
NiFi Security
  • NiFi Security Overview
  • Securing Access to the NiFi UI
  • Authentication
  • The Importance of Kerberos
  • NiFi Registry Security
  • NiFi Security Summary