F5 Certified Technology Specialist, BIG-IP DNS (F5-CTS-BIG-IP-DNS)


Prerequisite: Exam 201-TMOS Administration

The MQC is able to understand the basic operation of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol, deploy and test configurations, and troubleshoot and remedy common misconfigurations. The MQC is able to explain the capabilities of DNS services to deploy applications globally.

The MQC can do the following without assistance:

  • Explain the DNS query process.
  • Recognize when to use ZoneRunner to manage DNS records on BIG-IP DNS.
  • Configure and troubleshoot the operational aspects of DNS.
  • Perform basic architecture for deployments.


Exam 302 – BIG-IP DNS Specialist (Prüfung 302 – BIG-IP DNS-Spezialist)


Die Prüfungen müssen alle zwei Jahre neu abgelegt werden.