F5 Certified Technology Specialist, Access Policy Manager (F5-CTS-APM)


Prerequisites: Exam 201–TMOS Administration

The MQC understands how BIG-IP APM interacts with industry remote access, authentication, and authorization standards, and can independently install, configure, implement, troubleshoot (advanced), maintain, and upgrade BIG-IP APM in various application environments.

The MQC can do the following without assistance:

  • Configure access policies—the less-than-MQC can only review or amend them.
  • Apply SSL/VPN client and server-side, including certs—the less-than-MQC has no experience with SSL/VPN.
  • Configure BIG-IP APM to enable single sign-on (SSO)—the less-than-MQC may only be aware of its existence.
  • Configure and troubleshoot endpoint security—the less-than-MQC can only perform basic/limited troubleshooting.


Exam 304 – APM Specialist (Prüfung 304 – APM-Spezialist)


Die Prüfungen müssen alle zwei Jahre neu abgelegt werden.