Adopting a Platform Owner Mindset (APOM)


Course Overview

Learn the power skills and gain the situational experiences it takes to walk in the shoes of a great ServiceNow Platform Owner! Adopting a Platform Owner Mindset is a 2-day business simulation workshop designed for: anyone in a ServiceNow-related role (from a seasoned admin or developer to a new platform owner) that wants to learn how to make good strategic decisions and navigate pivotal moments in the ServiceNow journey of an enterprise as the best platform owners do to drive the most value for their enterprise. Learn how to be a good steward of the platform, regardless of your technical role.

Important notes for the booking of ServiceNow trainings

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Course Objectives

  • Navigate pivotal moments in the ServiceNow journey of an organization as the best platform owners do.
  • Develop and practice power skills needed to create and communicate value to key stakeholders.
  • Learn best practices for strategic positioning of the platform, such as governance and organizational change management.
  • Employ tools and techniques to gain deeper insights about the requests and demands stakeholders make of the platform.
  • Connect with like-minded customers who want to learn how to be the best stewards of the platform.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • 1,513.— €
Classroom Training

2 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • Switzerland: 1,513.— €


Instructor-led Online Training:   Course conducted online in a virtual classroom.


Time zone: Central European Time (CET)

Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST)