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Training and Certification Packages

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Fast Lane Training Packages from S to XXL

Fast Lane’s training packages provide you with the flexibility to proactively manage your training budget. Train your entire team and pay less for each person. Packages can be selected based on the number of courses or the number of training days. We offer five training packages that allow you select authorized Cisco and VMware courses as well as Fast Lane technology training to customize your training needs. You may spread these package options over an entire year to meet your schedule.

Terms and Conditions

Training Packages from S to XXL

Package S

10 training days
CHF 8,400.—

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Package M

20 training days
CHF 16,600.—

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Package L

30 training days
CHF 24,600.—

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Package XL

40 training days
CHF 32,400.—

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Package XXL

50 training days
CHF 40,000.—

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