ONTAP SAN Administration (SANADM)


Course Overview

In this course you will learn to about configuring ONTAP 9 Data Management Software for a SAN environment. The course provides information about block-level protocols, including FC, FCoE, and iSCSI, on Microsoft Windows Server, Linux and VMware ESXi host operating systems. Management of SAN storage provisioning, protocols, hosts, availability and data protection, using best practices, will also be discussed. Additionally, an introduction to NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) will be provided. This course will focus on ONTAP 9 functionality and includes lecture and a hands-on lab environment.

Who should attend

SAN storage administrators


Learners should have a working knowledge of ONTAP 9 and storage area networking. Completion of ONTAP Fundamentals, ONTAP SAN Fundamentals, and ONTAP Administration courses, or equivalent, is required.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss SAN Architecture
  • Describe SAN Configuration and LUN Provisioning
  • Discuss ONTAP block protocol Features and Recommendations
  • Discuss ONTAP Availability Strategies and Data Protection for LUNs
  • Describe SAN performance considerations and SAN-Specific Manageability Features
  • Discuss SAN-specific manageability features
  • Describe Foreign LUN Import and Explore Use Cases

Course Content

Fundamentals Review
  • ONTAP SAN Fundamentals Review
  • SAN scalability and maximums
  • Learning Activity: Discover and inventory SAN environment (new)
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary
Resource Provisioning
  • Prescribed SAN Configurations
  • LUN Provisioning
  • Learning Activity: Create thin and thick provisioned LUNs
  • Learning Activity: Create a non-space reserved LUN, Fill it up and force it to go offline, recover it KB 10103315
  • Learning Activity: Create a space reserved LUN and fill it up, observe sizes.
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary
ONTAP SVM Administration
  • SAN connectivity
  • Block protocol features
  • SVM management
  • Learning Activity: Create and map LUNs and Namespaces
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary
  • NVMe setup and configuration
  • Learning Activity: Create an NVMe SVM and Namespace?
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary
ONTAP Availability and Data Protection
  • HA and host multipathing
  • Data Protection
  • Fast Failover
  • Learning Activity: Display LUN paths, set up SnapMirror relationship?
  • SnapCenter
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary
Managing ONTAP SAN Environments
  • LUN Mobility (vol move, LUN move, LUN copy, SLM)
  • Copy Offload
  • Performance (QOS, balanced placement, performance capacity)
  • Learning Activity: Perform a LUN move
  • Learning Activity: Resize a LUN
  • LUN copy/promotion
  • OnDemand engine
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary

Appendix A: SAN Migration Using Foreign LUN Import (FLI)

  • Foreign LUN Import overview
  • FLI use cases
  • <Learning Activity: description>
  • Knowledge check
  • Module Summary

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • CHF 1,980.—
  • NetApp Training Units: 24 NTU
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Switzerland: CHF 1,980.—
  • NetApp Training Units: 24 NTU


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FLEX Classroom Training (hybrid course):   Course participation either on-site in the classroom or online from the workplace or from home.


1 hour difference

Online Training Time zone: British Summer Time (BST) Guaranteed date!
Online Training Time zone: British Summer Time (BST)
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FLEX Classroom Training (hybrid course):   Course participation either on-site in the classroom or online from the workplace or from home.





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