Effective Communication – Professional Argumentation and Discussion (KAD)


Course Overview

Discussions are an integral part of daily business life, be it to gain additional budget or time for a project or to arrange an employee's vacation during the holiday season.

But you are quickly confronted with the pressure to live up to other people's expectations, or arguments that you simply don't know what to say about. In such moments, there is a great risk that communication will pass each other by and the connection to the other person and yourself will be lost.

Who should attend

Specialists and managers from all areas of the company


  • Openness and willingness to reflect on your own communication patterns.
  • The desire to improve the quality of your conversations.

Course Objectives

  • You can create a conducive basis for conversations.
  • You can empathize better with others.
  • You can present your own point of view argumentatively and represent it to others.
  • You can lead conversations.

Course Content

Perception as the base of communication
  • Basics of constructivism
  • Perception filters
  • Recognize your own values and interests
  • Develop perception
Personal impact
  • Self and external perception
  • Feedback
Credibility and trust
  • Appreciation for myself and others
  • Recognize your own blockages
  • Understand and respect the perspectives of others
  • Resolve difficult situations
  • Conversation situations
  • Expand your own scope of behaviour
Find good arguments
  • Argue in a structured manner
  • 5 sentence technique
  • Dealing with dissent
  • Timing
Moderation and discussion management
  • My role in moderation
  • Dealing with hierarchical structures
  • Remain able to act yourself
  • Dealing with frustration and overwhelm
Practical application and feedback
  • Simulation of real conversation situations
  • Development of individual action plans to continuously improve your communication skills

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

3 days

  • 1,790.— €
Classroom Training

3 days

  • Switzerland: 1,790.— €