Communication of Successful Negotiation Skills (CSNS)


Course Overview

Successful negotiations are based on a variety of factors. Information, knowledge, participants, preparation and skills, especially communication skills, are of central importance. The framework conditions set limits, and within these limits - and beyond them - there is a lot of room for maneuver. You fill this design space with tactics and strategy. And it is precisely these tactical and strategic elements that can be translated into successful negotiation with the right communication.

Who should attend

People who want to influence their negotiation results through targeted communication.


Willingness to deal with the multitude of negotiation factors and also want to deal ethically with influence.

Course Objectives

You will learn what makes for successful negotiation. The focus of this training is on the strategy and tactics of influencing communication.

Recognize what influence is possible with the right communication.

Using practical examples, we develop suitable communication chains to achieve our negotiation goals.

Learn what effect communication techniques can actually have.

Course Content

Understanding negotiations
  • What negotiations are specifically.
  • What factors play a role in negotiations.
  • Power and goals.
  • Dominance and influence.
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Flexibility within the limitations and beyond.
  • Negotiation
  • Empathy, trust and patience
  • Tactics and strategy
Information and knowledge
  • Know and understand the goals of stakeholders.
  • The importance of the personality of the parties involved for successful negotiation.
  • Gather information, generate knowledge and evaluate findings.
  • Sound out the framework conditions and evaluate them in a differentiated manner.
  • How information and knowledge influence your tactics and strategy.
  • Agenda, structure and process
Influencing communication in negotiations
  • Credibility and body language
  • Authority and dominance
  • The strategy in influencing communication.
  • Tactical Communication.
  • The structure for influencing communication.
  • Ethical aspects of influence.
Concrete application of influencing communication in negotiations
  • Examples of successful influencing communication in negotiations
  • The interaction between the factual level and the personal level.
  • Own examples of negotiations.
  • Concrete handling of difficulties in negotiations.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • 1,550.— €
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Switzerland: 1,550.— €


Instructor-led Online Training:   Course conducted online in a virtual classroom.


Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST)