Advanced Junos Troubleshooting (AJT)


Course Overview

This three-day course provides students with the knowledge to troubleshoot switching, routing, and security features. This course builds off the Juniper Technical Support Fundamentals (JTSF) and Junos Troubleshooting (JT) courses and helps network engineers further their network troubleshooting capabilities. Key topics include troubleshooting dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, switching protocols, Ethernet VPN–Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN) network, MPLS, multicast, class of service (CoS), stateful firewall features, IPsec VPNs (site-to-site and remote access), chassis clusters, next-generation firewall features, and vSRX.

The course is based on Junos OS Release 23.1R1.

Who should attend

This course benefits individuals responsible for troubleshooting Juniper devices running Junos OS, which includes network operators, engineers, administrators, support personnel, and reseller support personnel.


Completion of the Junos Troubleshooting (JT) course, or equivalent experience

Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Troubleshoot problems with OSPF routing protocol.
  • Troubleshoot problems with IS-IS routing protocol.
  • Troubleshoot problems with BGP routing protocol.
  • Troubleshoot routing loops and route oscillations.
  • Troubleshoot problems with switching protocols.
  • Troubleshoot an EVPN-VXLAN setup.
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot MPLS.
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot native multicast.
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot CoS.
  • Troubleshoot stateful firewall inspection.
  • Troubleshoot site-to-site IPsec VPNs.
  • Troubleshoot remote access VPNs using Juniper Secure Connect.
  • Troubleshoot chassis clusters.
  • Troubleshoot next-generation firewall features.
  • Troubleshoot vSRX.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshooting OSPF
  • Troubleshooting IS-IS
  • Troubleshooting BGP
  • Troubleshooting Routing Loops and Route Oscillations
  • Troubleshooting Switching Protocols
  • Troubleshooting EVPN-VXLAN network
  • Troubleshooting MPLS
  • Troubleshooting Multicast
  • Troubleshooting CoS
  • Troubleshooting Stateful Firewall Security
  • Troubleshooting IPsec VPNs
  • Troubleshooting Chassis Clusters
  • Troubleshooting Next-Generation Firewall Features
  • Troubleshooting vSRX

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

3 days

  • US$ 3,000.—
Classroom Training

3 days

  • Switzerland: US$ 3,000.—


Instructor-led Online Training:   Course conducted online in a virtual classroom.


Time zone: Central European Time (CET)

Online Training Time zone: Central European Time (CET)