Professional Development

We help companies hone their staff’s IT skills, ensuring enduring ROI and benefits. To this end, we develop the qualifications of company personnel and recruit internetworking potentials and experts.

Program Management:
Planning and Carrying Out Qualification Programs

We can plan, implement, and manage even the most comprehensive qualification projects. Our range of services comprises analyzing qualification needs, conducting pre-assessments, developing and carrying out training plans, managing and monitoring certification projects, developing curricula and content, and scheduling. We also handle logistics, roll out comprehensive qualification measures on any scale up to worldwide, and perform quality control, reporting, and post-assessments.

Online Testing Center

Our online testing center helps you achieve your certification goals quickly and without administrative effort because we act on your behalf, shouldering all the responsibility for managing certification projects. Test questions are sourced from several 100 topics associated with key certifications in the Cisco environment. Beyond that, our specialists will be happy to develop further test questions for you.

Ask Us

Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll make you an offer without obligation on your part. You can reach us any time at +41 (0)44 832 50 80 or send an email to