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Brand eins and Statista honor Fast Lane as one of the best IT service providers of 2022 in Germany

Hamburg, November 2021—The renowned business magazine brand eins and the market research company Statista have honored the best IT service providers in Germany for the third time as part of an independent, comprehensive analysis.
Fast Lane made it into this year's list of the best with a top rating.

Over the past few months, almost 6,000 ICT experts, CIOs, decision-makers and customers who commission service providers for IT projects in their companies were surveyed. Which providers have they had good experiences with? And whom would they recommend for specific tasks?

The recommendations result in a list of the best, ranging from smaller, regional providers to large corporations. The global Fast Lane Group supports companies with comprehensive services covering all aspects of cloud, digitization, cybersecurity and mobility.

Fast Lane services at a glance

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About Fast Lane

Specializing in high-end IT projects and the development of professional IT qualifications, Fast Lane is there for you in more than 60 countries across all continents. Fast Lane offers complete, authorized training solutions for leading technology vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware, Symantec and other major technology providers. In addition to those vendor’s standard curricula, Fast Lane also develops advanced technology and sales courses. Fast Lane’s vendor-independent consulting services can help with a wide range of issues from conducting preliminary analyses and assessments, to designing future-focused IT solutions.

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