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Maximising the benefits obtained from manufacturer certification

CertiTool from Fast Lane helps with the management of channel partnerships

Hamburg/Berlin, 22 March 2013 – There are many requirements associated with obtaining channel partnership status: employees first need to obtain certification, which can involve undergoing numerous training courses and exams. And if the desired partner status is obtained, constant monitoring is required: When is re-certification required? Which additional courses need to be attended? Have any changes occurred in the partner programme? Keeping track of such issues requires that companies devote a considerable amount of time to the subject; in order to help out in this respect, IT training expert Fast Lane has developed an aid called the Channel Partner Certification Tool (CertiTool). This provides information about current certification requirements and supplies a list of all “to do” tasks relating to the partnership status.

Achievement of channel partnership status is desirable for many companies, as they benefit, for example, from manufacturer discounts or comprehensive sales support. In order to achieve and maintain the required certification, companies need to monitor and keep track of the partner requirements. As an authorised training partner of Cisco, NetApp and VMware, Fast Lane has many years of experience with channel partner programmes, and with its new CertiTool assistant, the IT specialist is providing an aid to companies with regard to achieving successful certification.

Always up to date as a partner

The tool provides up to date and essential information regarding current requirements for manufacturer certification – for example, which exams and training courses are required for specific certifications. The CertiTool also provides advice regarding which options companies should take in order to achieve their certification goals in the most effective way, and checks issues such as which exams and tests still need to be passed in order to attain partner status. Upcoming, relevant training courses and their cost can also be displayed.

The CertiTool also helps companies to allocate employees to training courses relevant to their particular positions. The certification status of each member of staff can be accessed at any time. If there is a risk that the manufacturer partnership status will be lost, the tool provides warning of this immediately. For example, companies are issued with a warning when certification periods are about to elapse. Tips are also provided for cases such as a certified employee leaving the company.

The CertiTool from Fast Lane helps companies save a lot of time and effort with regard to keeping their channel partner certification up to date. The solution also treats all the information entered with strict confidentiality, thereby ensuring data protection for the company and its staff at all times.

The Channel Partner Certification Tool (CertiTool) from Fast Lane is available for an annual fee of €25 per employee.

More information is provided at www.flane.de/medi_a/pdf/certitool.pdf

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