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The planning, realisation and operation of virtualised SAP systems

New Fast Lane training course: “Virtualisation of SAP systems (SAPV)”

Hamburg/Berlin, Germany, 5 September 2011 - Fast Lane (www.flane.de), a provider of IT training, has developed a new course entitled FL-SAPV. This course provides insight into the subject of virtualisation and SAP, as well as associated issues. The training is intended primarily for CIOs and managers, operators of computing centres, project managers and staff, head architects and virtualisation consultants etc.

The theoretical sessions include a discussion of the advantages and functions of virtualized SAP systems, as well as the design and implementation of such systems. The Fast Lane trainers also describe the areas of application, architectures and lifecycles of virtualised SAP systems. The training course provides a good mix of theoretical and practical elements; course participants enhance their knowledge in practical terms by means of exercises carried out in a special hands-on laboratory equipped with a Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

Overview of course contents
  • Current computing centre trends
  • The use of virtualised SAP systems – justification for the use of virtualisation
  • Functions of virtualised SAP systems – realising the potential
  • Virtualisation of SAP infrastructures – ways and methods of carrying out SAP virtualisation
  • The architecture of virtualised SAP systems
  • The lifecycle of virtualised SAP systems – what changes: when and how
  • Project plan: SAP virtualisation
  • Technical realisation and project planning: the lifecycle of the virtualised SAP system
  • Availability of SAP servers
  • Detailed planning of SAP availability
  • Data security: keeping security risks associated with SAP virtualisation under control
  • Testing and monitoring of the new SAP server environment
  • Strategies for SAP systems

Price: €1.995 plus VAT

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