Microsoft e-books


The documents for our MOC courses (Microsoft Official Curriculum) are sent to the participant in in electronic form. 7 days before the start of the course the participant will receive an automatic email with the access code for the documents as well as further information about redeem the code.

You need the Skillpipe Reader ( to use it. Skillpipe is a cloud-based e-reader application for reading and working with digital Microsoft training materials.

To access your digital training materials, follow these steps:

1. Accessing the Skillpipe Reader

To access the Skillpipe Reader, click on the following link:

2. Register and Login

If you have not yet used the Skillpipe Reader, click on the link to Register, and create an account.

If you already have an account, log in with your login details.

3. Redeeming the digital documents

Click on the "+ Add course" button and enter your license code which you will receive from us 7 days before the course starts. The document will then be added to your library. Together with your seminar invitation, you will also receive a guide by e-mail, which explains the functions of the Skillpipe Reader and your digital document.

4. End User License Agreement

To access the course for the first time, accept the license terms, and start reading.

5 Fresh Editions

When you receive a license for a Microsoft eBook, you receive it as a so-called "Fresh Edition", i.e. all previous and future versions of the course are already included free of charge. No additional selection is required.

For further questions about Skillpipe, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), in the Skillpipe User Guide or contact us.