Bootstrapping Computer Vision Models With Synthetic Data (BCVMSD)


Course Overview

Training computer vision models is complex, iterative, and requires a vast amount of high-quality, relevant visual data. Traditionally, this process relies on visual data gathered from the real world with cameras and sensors, often manually labeled, to represent the scenarios and situations that the model needs to learn.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Replicator is a powerful synthetic data generation (SDG) engine that produces physically simulated synthetic data for training deep neural networks (DNNs). It augments costly, laborious human-labeled data, which can be error-prone and incomplete, with diverse physically accurate data tailored to the needs of developers.

In this course, you’ll use Omniverse Replicator and the Omniverse Defects Generation Extension to generate synthetic data. Next, you’ll iterate on the dataset to train a DNN to find target objects (scratches) in a scene.

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  • Intermediate understanding of Python (including classes, objects, and decorators)
  • Basic understanding of machine learning and deep learning concepts and pipelines

Suggested materials to satisfy prerequisites: Python tutorial, Deep Learning in a Nutshell, Deep Learning Demystified

Course Objectives

By participating in this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a synthetic training dataset for later processing using NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator
  • Customize and refine existing tools to match your dataset feature and format requirements
  • Parameterize data generation offline for faster iteration when creating new or refined datasets
  • Import a synthetic dataset into your workflow, train it, iterate on the design, and export a model to be used for inference

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