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Introduction to Analytical Decision Management (v18) (0S114G)

Detailed Course Outline

1. Introduction to Decision Management• What is Decision Management?• Why Use Decision Management?• Analytical Decision Management• Five Steps of Decision Management• Use of Data• Historical and Operational Data• Classification Models• User Defined Rules• Deploying Models2. A Sample Session:  Managing Customer Interactions• Five Steps in Decision Management• Demonstration:  A Marketing Call Center Business Case3. Defining Data Sources• Data Structure• Field Storage• Field Measurement Level• Data Step• Project Data Source• Derived Tab• Secondary Data Sources• Compatibility of Data Sources4. Defining Global Selections• Adding Rules to Global Selections• Defining and Sharing Rules• Evaluating Rules5.  Creating Rules from Models• Predictive Models• Predictive Rule Models• Clustering Models• Association Models• Automated Data Preparation & Partitioning• Evaluating Models6.  Defining Outcomes• Specify Project Duration• Include / Exclude Cases from Project• Define Action Categories• Create Allocation Rules7. Prioritize, Optimize and Combine Outcomes• Selecting From Alternative Actions• Prioritizing Outcomes• Optimizing Outcomes• Combining Outcomes8. Deploying Models for Scoring• Why Deploy the Project?• Real Time Scoring Panel• Batch Scoring Panel• Scoring Configurations• Using the Scoring View9. Building a Custom Application• Application Configuration• Creating a New Application10. Using Modeler Streams in ADM• Using Modeler Streams• Minimum Requirements for a Stream• Using a Stream in a Project