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Hinweis: Alle Übungen sind enthalten und können automatisch konfiguriert werden.

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General Terms & Conditions

All Self-paced Labs:

Timeslot is 2 hours for 2 NetApp Training Units.
Each Student gets additional 30 minutes configuration compensation.
Self-paced lab time starts not until the first exercise is configured and the student logged in for the first time.
Each Self-paced lab starts with an initial lab configuration.
Student/Pod Ratio is 1:1.
All Self-paced Labs are exercise based.

Voucher Reservation

Self-paced labs / Voucher can be reserved online.
Each Self-paced lab can be reserved and includes all preconfigured exercises.
Reservation and Training Unit / Support ID checking will be processed no later than the next business day (UTC+1).
Reservation depends on capacity (first come first serve).
Fast Lane reserve the right to cancel the event, keep the session as scheduled or rescheduled to a later date.


NetApp Self-paced labs can be paid via NetApp Training Units.


If Training Units are redeemed and confirmed it is not possible to cancel the self-paced lab request.
You can reschedule (max. three times) your timeslot one business day prior event start (UTC+1).


Self-paced lab access is valid for a maximum of 12 months.


Lab access will be sent to the E-Mail address/-es stated in the web form.
Lab access will be sent out one hour before self-paced lab start time.
Lab access via


Once a self-paced lab reservation is confirmed we strongly recommend to test the lab access in advance. Please install the Fast Lane Remote Labs Client (RLC, and run the integrated connection test. Further help and system requirements can be found under


Support only for lab and device access, no support for configuration issues. Our support personnel are in the office 24h from Monday through Friday. From Saturday through Sunday 24h only on-call service is available (UTC+1).
Please contact or dial + 49 (0)40 25334618.

Fast Lane T&C apply: AGB


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