Creative Thinking Methods (CTM)


Course Overview

Creativity is possible at any time, in any place and in any situation, even beyond what we commonly understand by art. Creative thinking follows a structure and includes features that connect requirements with results. Techniques and methods map this structure and help us, on the one hand, to keep the requirements in mind and, on the other hand, to produce new, usable results that meet the requirements.

Who should attend

People who want to bring more creativity into their everyday work.


Willingness to learn about yourself and your own creative abilities.

Course Objectives

You learn what creativity actually is and how it works. On the one hand, free yourself from limiting thought patterns. And this doesn't just mean the limiting thought patterns you have about yourself and your creativity. And on the other hand, take into account the framework that is set for you by requirements for the creative result.

They recognize the structure of creativity and use it methodically to create something new and original. You recognize the structure of creativity and use it methodically to create something new and original. Some of these methods are actually new in the sense of originally adapted and are only taught in this training.

Learn how creative you can actually be. It's more than you suspect.

Course Content

Understand creativity
  • What creativity is.
  • How creativity is born:
    • Structural elements of creativity.
    • The creativity process.
    • Framework for creative outcomes.
  • What does "new" mean and what does "original" mean?
  • What is "the flow"?
Our self-image of creativity
  • Myths and reality of creativity.
  • How what I think about myself and creativity affects my creativity.
  • What limits creativity and what promotes it.
  • How our experiences influence our creativity.
Creativity techniques and methods of creative thinking
  • Use brainstorming efficiently.
  • Think freely in a structured way with mind mapping.
  • Use thought experiments strategically.
  • The "New Solution Generator".
  • The Creativity Pyramid: Chunk-Up and Chunk-Down
  • The creative consultants: idea generator, implementation planner and reality checker
  • The inner creativity party.
  • Assessment perspectives, assessment structures and assessment standards
  • Requirements-to-impact process:
    • Requirements
    • Target(s)
    • Ressourcen
    • Combine
    • Result and its effect
Creativity in practice
  • The mental framework for creativity.
  • The attunement to the flow.
  • Understand requirements.
  • Apply techniques and methods using practical examples.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • 1,550.— €
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Switzerland: 1,550.— €


Instructor-led Online Training:   Course conducted online in a virtual classroom.


Time zone: Central European Time (CET)

Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Online Training Time zone: Central European Time (CET)