VMware Cloud Director: Advanced Networking with NSX-T Data Center [V10.2] (CDANNSXT) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
VMware Cloud Director and NSX-T Data Center Fundamentals
  • Explain NSX-T Data Center and its architecture
  • Discuss various NSX-T Data Center components
  • Discuss cluster design for NSX-T Data Center
  • Deployment methods for NSX-T Data Center Edge nodes
  • Discuss VRF Lite feature
  • Describe NSX-T Data Center objects and their creation methods
  • Comparing the NSX-T Data Center and NSX Data Center for vSphere functionality
  • List the various requirement and maximum configuration details
  • Explain Cloud Director and its architecture
  • Discuss Cloud Director prerequisites and deployment
  • Discuss the use cases and features of VMware Cloud Director
  • Discuss the VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers
Provider Configuration
  • Discuss the integration of vCenter Server with VMware Cloud Director
  • Discuss the integration of NSX-T Data Center with VMware Cloud Director
  • Explain the Geneve network pool
  • Describe the types of provider network and their use cases
  • Discuss the edge gateway and its services
  • Discuss the external network with the Tier-0 gateway
  • Understand the external network with VRF
  • Compare the Tier-0 gateway and the VRF supported external gateway
  • Discuss the dedicated external network
  • Explain distributed routing
  • Discuss the BGP configuration in NSX-T Data Center
  • Discuss the shared and dedicated external network topologies
Tenant Configuration
  • Discuss the various types of organization VDC networks and their use cases
  • Explain vApp networks and their use cases
  • Discuss the different organization VDC networks topology
  • Understand the configuration requirements for each organization VDC network
  • Differentiate between the imported and direct organization VDC networks
  • Explain the imported organization VDC network topology
  • Explain the edges services available for each type of organization VDC network
  • Discuss SNAT, DNAT, NO SNAT, and NO DNAT
  • Discuss IP Allocation Pools
  • Discuss Security Groups
  • Identify the Security Group objects in NSX-T Data Center
Cross VDC Networking Using NSX-T Data Center
  • Explain Data Center Groups and their use cases
  • Define compute provider scope and network provider scope
  • Configure cross-VDC networking and L2 stretched networks
  • Manage participating VDCs in a data center group
  • Add a data center group edge gateway to a data center group
  • Configure the distributed firewall for a data center group
NSX Advanced Load Balancer
  • Describe the NSX Advanced Load Balancer components and its main functions
  • Explain the NSX Advanced Load Balancer key features, benefits, and its use cases
  • Discuss NSX-T Cloud and its configuration requirements
  • Integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer with NSX-T Data Center
  • Explain Service Engine Groups and types
  • Discuss Virtual Service and its configuration
  • Integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer with VMware Cloud Director
  • Understand and apply a load balancing design framework
  • Monitor NSX Advanced Load Balancer
VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director
  • Understand the use cases and purpose of the NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director
  • Discuss the supported topology and compatibility matrix
  • Understand the supported features
  • Understand the environmental prerequisites
  • Discuss how to prepare the edge cluster for bridging and use for migration
  • Build the userInput.yml file by providing the environment details
  • Perform a Precheck
  • Discuss error handling after Precheck
  • Perform the actual migration
  • Discuss troubleshooting tips and solutions
Monitoring and Billing VMware Cloud Director Networking
  • Discuss the methods to manage and monitor networking objects from the VMware Cloud Director portal
  • Understand vRealize Operations Manager and the vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App overview
  • Discuss how to monitor VMware Cloud Director networking objects using vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App
  • Create a policy and generate customer bills
  • Enable the tenant application plug-in for VMware Cloud Director
  • Describe the usage of Usage Meter with VMware Cloud Director