F5 Certified Technology Specialist, Application Security Manager (F5-CTS-ASM)


Prerequisite: Exam 201-TMOS Administration

The MQC is able to describe and explain how applications work and how BIG-IP ASM interacts with web applications. The MQC is able to design, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot the full functionality of BIG-IP ASM product features to enhance the security of an application delivery network. The MQC understands the underlying principles of BIG-IP ASM and can draw on that insight to integrate BIG-IP ASM with other platforms and products.

The MQC can do the following without assistance:

  • Determine and implement an appropriate, application-specific BIG-IP ASM deployment model (policies) or architecture (scale).
  • Create a BIG-IP ASM configuration/design to secure applications according to needs and requirements.
  • Customize a BIG-IP ASM policy for a web application.
  • Identify where to integrate BIG-IP ASM into the data flow by understanding the interrelation between BIG-IP ASM and the network architecture.


Exam 303 – ASM Specialist (Prüfung 303 – ASM-Spezialist)


Die Prüfungen müssen alle zwei Jahre neu abgelegt werden.